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At our medical centre’s in Bangkok, Thailand: IntelliHealth+, we offer stem cell therapy to treat various medical conditions and/or for general health & anti-ageing. The stem cell treatment we perform is proven safe and to hold therapeutic benefit.
Our Experience with Stem Cell Therapies: We have been treating patients with stem cells for just over 10 years, with patient numbers treated with our stem cells, exceed 4200. This experience and understanding of stem cell therapy allows us to deliver comprehensive stem cell treatments, with supportive therapies to suite the needs of the individual patient.
Stem cell therapy: your stay with us – our stem cell clinic in Bangkok, Thailand is a modern state-of-the-art medical centre. Patients will experience vip services, in beautiful private treatment suites, with personal nursing and concierge service. Our medical facility is set in the grounds of a new 5* hotel and residence complex in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. This perfect set up allows patients to have a relaxed and convenient element to their stay with us.

Enrol in one of our stem cell therapies today, be sure to contact our staff and find out what promotion you can get for our stem cell treatments.

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Aging & Disease Onset

Repopulate Your Stem Cell Pool

In order to self-repair, living organisms have stem cells in central and peripheral locations which can be attracted to sites of injured tissues by “alarm  signals”. In this way, these cells proliferate, migrate, and accumulate in those damaged sites. If this situation of “alarm” perpetuates, stem cells could be permanently exhausted from their original locations leading to irreversible disease.

Basically, it could be a matter of stem cell quantity and effective availability at a certain time point when active regeneration is needed. The expected consequences of this situation could be the lack of an appropriate number of stem cells for further tissue replacement and regeneration and eventually the development of disease and aging.

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 For example, we could think that any alteration of this stem cell homeostasis by constant and repetitive trauma, physical hyperactivity, chronic inflammation and chronic disease could provoke a persistent disequilibrium inside all these reserve locations. This could promote an irreversible and premature stem cell exhaustion, being impossible then for the organism to self-repair and survive.

As we age we have less circulating stem cells. Introduction of new stem cells to our bodies circulation can improve health and repopulate our stem cell pool.

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