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StemCells21 is a Biotech company based in Bangkok, Thailand. The company was established in 2008, founded by Mr. Paul Collier, with the first Regenerative Medicine facility & lab opening its doors in 2010.  StemCells21 offers:

  • Premium Regenerative Medicine @ IntellliHealth+
  • Allogenic Stem Cells Supply & Technology
  • Autologous Stem Cells in-house laboratory services
  • Product/Protocol R&D: Serum & Essentials



IntelliHealth+ centres were established to offer patients stem cell based treatment programs, in 5* modern facilities. When patients undergo a treatment program at IH+, an appropriate stem cell source is selected and a supportive therapy program is designed.

Stem Cell Sources: Umbilical Cord, Peripheral Blood or Adipose.

Supportive Therapies: Peptides/Growth factors, Bio-photon laser treatments, Oxygen therapies and Nutrition/Enzyme/Hormones.

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