chronic back pain, back pain stem cell treatment, stem cell treatment, stem cell injections,Chronic Back Pain Stem Cell Treatment: Most people, and especially the active ones, experience back pain at some time in their lives. In fact, 65% of all adults will miss work sometime in their lives due to back pain. It is the second most common medical complaint, surpassed only by the common cold. Back pain treatment is available now with stem cell injections.

Usually, the pain is fairly minor. But when it is not (chronic back pain), you can have a difficult time finding relief. 

General conservative medical treatment for chronic back pain includes exercise, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, pain medications, and therapeutic injections. These treatments are aimed at increasing function, and returning the patient to as normal a life as possible.  In severe cases, invasive surgeries such as spinal fusion are performed, needing general anesthesia and long periods of physical rehabilitation. In a many cases, continued pain and mobility restrictions remain.

Now patients have the option of Back Pain Stem Cell Treatment, to potentially repair the damaged disc or facet joint, restore function, rehydrate the disc, and reduce chronic pain.

Many structures in your back can cause pain

While the anatomical structure of the spine is truly a marvel in terms of its form and function, many interconnected and overlapping structures in the spine are capable of producing back pain. Moreover, the spine is highly prone to injury because it is subject to many strong forces: twisting, sudden jolts, and daily stresses (such as sitting too much, poor posture). Common anatomical causes of back pain include:

  • The large nerve roots that go to the legs and arms may be irritated
  • The smaller nerves in the discs may be irritated
  • The large paired back muscles that support the spine may be strained
  • Any of the bones, ligaments, or joints throughout the spine may be injured
  • For more information, please see Spinal Anatomy and Back Pain.
  • The underlying cause of pain may be hard to identify


There is a lot of overlap of nerve supply to most of the anatomical structures in the spine (discs, muscles, ligaments, etc.), which often makes it impossible for the brain to distinguish between injury to one structure versus another. For example, a torn or herniated disc can feel identical to a bruised muscle or ligament injury.


Chronic Back Pain Stem Cell Treatment

Shock Wave Therapy, Stem Cell Injections & Back Laser Treatment

Our Chronic back pain stem cell treatment program give patients real therapeutic benefit. When you are suffering from pain on a a daily basis, relief from discomfort and increased mobility is a life changer.

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Our Back Pain Stem Cell treatment combines the following:





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