degenerative eye disease stem cell treatment, stargardt disease stem cell treatment, macular degeneration, eye stem cell therapy, eye stem cell injectionsDegenerative Eye Disease Stem Cell Treatment:

Degenerative diseases of the eye consist of different diseases affecting the eye, which affect almost all the important parts of the eye, like the retina, cornea, macula and iris. Degenerative eye disease stem cell treatment can give patients real therapeutic benefit.

Our program will combine IV infusions of stem cells with subconjuctival injections of stem cells to give a more direct route for the stem cells to repair the eye. The program will include daily supportive therapies to stimulate regenerative mechanisms in the eye and body in general.


Macular degeneration stem cell treatment can regenerate some of the areas of the eye effected and give improvement in vision levels; The eye disorder can occur due to genetic reason as well as virus and in some cases cancer. The common result is the loss of central vision.

Stargardts disease stem cell treatment: stargardt comes under genetic disease. It generally occurs in children and young adults. Major symptoms include the disability to see the object and differentiate colours. 

Retinitis pigmentosa stem cell treatment: Retinitis pigmentosa is also a genetic disorder, but it is very rare. In this, degeneration of retina occurs. The patient becomes unable to view anything in night.

Another degenerative disease of the eye is stomal keratitis. The major cause of the disease is Type 1 herpes simplex virus. It infects the cornea layer. As a result, eye pain with inflammation of the cornea occurs.

An increase in eye pressure causes glaucoma. This harms the optic nerves. Loss of vision occurs in both the eyes. Nausea, vomiting and intense eye pain are few symptoms.

Many eye diseases which require stem cell treatment are a result of an underlying conditions such as Diabetes and vascular disease. Stem cell therapy can address the underlying conditions also, improving general health and reducing the risk of the disease progressing/returning. Eye disease stem cell treatment is not only showing vision improvements but other key health benefits like improved liver function, better blood sugar control and reduced inflammation levels.

Degenerative Eye Disease Stem Cell Treatment


Degenerative Eye Disease Stem Cell Treatment

Packages from $22,000 USD including 14 nights hotel accommodation at our medical complex in Bangkok, Thailand. Our team of experienced medical staff will guide you to the correct treatment option and administer a therapeutically beneficial Eye disease stem cell treatment.

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