Michael Stem Cell Patient Stroke


Blood sugar problems, mobility problems, paralysis

Stem Cell Patient: Mr. Michael (written by his wife)

My husband has Type 2 diabetes (16 years) and is 76 years old. Hypertension and a heart murmur, all of which led to a cluster of strokes over a 48 hour period. We live in Australia and received little to no assistance for the strokes and diabetes was treated with standard oral medications which were not always successful. The side effects were extreme. Now I need to state that Michael was an active highly educated man who successfully ran several businesses and his illness came as a complete shock to the family.

In desperation we started looking for alternative therapies none of which are available in Australia. We considered going first to China for stem cells and then reconsidered and looked at Germany. The treatments offered which possibly good didn’t feel right and gave no support at all after the initial transfer was done. The doctors appeared to be less interested in the clinical side of things and more interested in the notoriety and financial rewards to themselves. We’d already had several months of that and were not keen to try again!

We found Stem Cell’s 21 via the internet and made initial contact – my husband underwent an adipose stem cell harvest and was later treated with several courses of stem cells, along with supportive therapies. His recovery from the initial surgery was fast and was improved with laser shower. Michael has also received the Myer cocktail infusions (Vitamin B group) for energy.

His HBA1C has gone from 9.5 down to 7.1, his medication has halved and whilst he takes a small amount of insulin, he is no longer on the dreaded metformin or oral medications. This being said it will take some time before you see an initial result, the progress is dependent on the individual, lifestyle and your own biochemistry. But it was safe and effective for us. The upside was that whilst the strokes were not physically debilitating they were mentally and he has recovered enough to come to work each day and still be a productive driving force within our offices.

The team at Stem Cells 21 are professional and courteous and will do everything in their power to ensure safety and results. This is not a miracle cure, nor should it be considered one, but for us we have been extremely happy with the outcome. You will find that Paul and his team will answer any and all questions and can back up their knowledge with hard core recognised medical practices.



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