Stem Cell Facial

In healthy individuals, skin youthfulness is maintained by epidermal cells which self-renew and generate daughter cells that become new skin. Despite accumulation of aging blemishes and changes in aged skin, epidermal regenerative cells are maintained at normal levels throughout life. Therefore, skin ageing is caused by impaired regenerative cell mobilization from the bone marrow or reduced number of regenerative cells able to respond to repair signals. A stem cell facial can help give you a younger looking face.

The Beauty Response from Anti-aging Cell Therapy

stem cell facial

The most evident beauty response in patients who have had our anti-aging cell therapy is the appearance of the facial skin a few weeks after therapy – it glows. After stem cell treatment injections You will notice a smoothness and improvement in colour along with a look of youthfulness. More capillary formation, more Fibroblast and collagen production, improved younger looking skin.

Grey hair has been noted to regain its original colour and bald spots have filled in. The rest of your skin will show an improvement in colour and age-related pigmentation marks, less bruising and an increase in elasticity and tone.

stem cell facial

How do they work, exactly?

Stem Cell Facial: Proteins released by stem cells have been shown to aid in wound healing, so it only makes sense that the same treatments could work for chronic skin conditions, like wrinkles, sun damage, and redness. The stem cells are thought to encourage cell regeneration, which repairs cells damaged by the sun and aging while also stimulating them to produce more collagen and elastin, which thicken and firm skin.

Stem Cell Facial will give your skin a younger more vibrant appearance.

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