Stem Cell Injections

Stem Cell Injections

Stem Cell Injections are given in treatment programs for various medical conditions and cosmetic purposes. The type of cell therapy used will be decided during your consultation period, taking into account your medical condition and desired results from treatment, We will generally combine multiple areas of injection in our programs. As an example: a treatment for Knee osteoarthritis would combine Intra-articular stem cell injections into the knee joint & IV infusions.

Types of injections generally performed:


stem cell injections


Iv Infusion: Cell therapy is given into the blood stream of patient


stem cell injections


Local stem cell injections: injected to tissue at selected target areas of pain or areas which a regenerative / rejuvenate effect is desired.



stem cell injections knees


Joint Stem Cell Injections: Placed into the target joints to reduce pain, increase mobility and or strengthen/regenerate tissue.



During a consultation with our medical team a stem cell treatment program will be designed to meet your needs. Depending on the selected program and injection routes planned, a full information pack will be issued, this outlines various info on given treatment and how treatments are given, such as number of stem cell injections and type of injection) after treatment advise.


Example treatment plan for Anti-ageing:

7 day treatment program: 4 sessions of stem cell therapy + supportive therapy

Injection routes: 2 IV infusions & 2 sets of dermal, joint or muscular injections

Supportive therapies: IV laser, IV oxygen, peptide therapy, hormone therapy and nutrition course

To speak with one of our customer service staff and to arrange a free consultation for our stem cell anti-ageing, or a different treatment program, please complete the below form. We will contact back to start the process of booking a free consultation.

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