Stem Cell Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is the perception of noise or ringing in the ears. Tinnitus is a  common problem, affecting about 1 in 5 people. Tinnitus a condition in its own entity — it's a symptom of an underlying condition, such as age-related hearing loss, ear injury or a circulatory system disorder. Stem Cell Tinnitus Treatment can give patients real benefit as the Tinnitus is tackled at the route causes.

Stem Cell Tinnitus Treatment: The current scientific models of tinnitus and possibly hyperacusis indicate that impairments in the connection between external sound and the central nervous system are necessary for the onset of phantom sounds (tinnitus) or intolerance to sounds (hyperacusis). As is commonly the case with tinnitus, these impairments may be consequent to noise-induced damage to hair cells in the cochlea, or possibly damage directly to the auditory nerve that carries information about sound from the ear to the central nervous system.

Thus, Stem Cell Therapy for Tinnitus potentially restoring normal functioning of these connections, could mitigate or even in some cases eliminate tinnitus. The improved connections between the ear and the brain could also readjust the abnormally enhanced gain in the brain, thus lessening the symptoms of hyperacusis.

stem cell tinnitus treatment

Our Tinnitus Stem Cell treatment is available at our stem cell medical centre in Bangkok, Thailand. Our treatment programs generally last 7 days with a recommended 3 day follow up at 3 months and 9-12 months.

Types of injections generally performed: Tinnitus Stem Cell Treatment

stem cell injections


Iv Infusion: Cell therapy is given into the blood stream of patient


stem cell injections


Local stem cell injections: injected to tissue at selected target areas around the ears.




Our protocol for cells therapy is given via :
1. IV infusion
2. Local injection on to the area of ear with tinnitus / hearing.

The injections site will be at the level and in front of the ear (areas: that is in front of tragus, crus of helix, antitragus and the lobule of the ear.

Only for those patient with no option treatment for hearing / tinnitus problem, we will consider to inject the cells into the middle ear piercing the ear drum (tympanic membrane) and it will only be done with the decision after physical examination of the ear by our stem cell treating physician in our center.

As the direct injection into the middle ear may cause, such events as temporary dizziness, vertigo, pain and bleeding. Rare risks include damage to ear bones (ossicles) and middle ear infections. That is why most of all the patient with hearing loss and tinnitus we treated are treated by injecting the cells as mentioned above, locally in front of the effected ear.

The cells injection is followed by using our Medical laser daily during the treatment program. The external medical laser will be applied on to that injected area in front of the ear as well as on the forehead which is stabilized by using the crown to stack the fiber optic laser which will be worn on the patient's head.

The improvement will be seen gradually during the 3-4 months period after the initial cell injection and the much more improvement will be seen another 3-4 months after the follow up treatment that is recommended to all our patients to come 3-4 month after the first cell therapy.

During a consultation with our medical team a stem cell treatment program will be designed to meet your needs. Depending on the selected program and injection routes planned, a full information pack will be issued, this outlines various info on given treatment and how treatments are given, such as number of stem cell injections and type of injection) after treatment advise.


Example treatment plan for Tinnitus:

7 day treatment program: 4 sessions of stem cell therapy + supportive therapy

Injection routes: 2 IV infusions & 2 sets of Ear injections

Supportive therapies: IV laser, IV oxygen, peptide therapy, hormone therapy and nutrition course

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