Recommended Best 5 Ways to Enhance Stem Cell Naturally

Have you wondered if we can actually boost our own stem cells? Stem cells are integral part of our body and a boost in it definitely means calling better development.

Think of it as preventative medicine via stem cells

Below are five possible simple ways that research suggests theoretically might be helpful to give your existing endogenous stem cells a boost.

It is indeed a type of preventive medicine and there are few ways by which it is possible to boost your own stem cell. The endogenously present stem cells can be given a boost but not all the ways are 100% clinically proven. When in doubt, do not hesitate to consult doctor. Here are the top 5 ways to boost stem cells.

a). Fasting and consumption of low calorie diet

According to research it was found that fasting periodically gives a major boost in stem cell count. It was found by USC team that few days or prolonged fasting pumps the count of blood stem cells. When the body is not made available to adequate food, it needs to fight against infection and build resistance which might be a possible connection between fasting and number of stem cells.

b). Exercise

It is a very important part of our life and its inclusion in our daily routine considerably enhances stem cell count. It is believed that when body is active, there is increase in number of stem cells. Exercise leads to losing of the older cells which evidently makes room for new cells. There are many research works that proves the same.

c). Sleep

Adequate amount of sleep is required for proper functioning of our body. It is found in through some research that stem cell continue to produce while one is asleep and it is supported by stem cell science.

d). Tai Chi

It is a special form of martial art practices originally by people of China but has gradually spread globally. It was found out that practise of Tai Chi gave a boost in Progenitor CD34+ cells that is a specific type of stem cell. It may or may not be true as it is not clinically proven yet but many be due to rigorous form of exercise.

e). Stay away from Radiation

It is important to stay away and safe from radiation which mostly is UV light caused by the rays of sun. Keeping oneself protected from sun radiation boost stem cell.

There are number of ways by which you can ensure that stem cell is protected. The skin is sensitive to rays and hence it is important to protect it from sunrays by using sunscreens and minimise sun exposure. Make sure you use shade to ensure your skin is protected from skin cancer and is not directly exposed to rays of sun. The sunscreen needs to be used in balanced way to protect skin.

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