Ataxia Treatment

Ataxia Stem Cell Therapy: Ataxia is one of the states of the body when your muscles lack strength during various voluntary movements. The movements can be any like while walking or picking up any objects. Ataxia can affect your each and every movement that has muscles involved’ even your chewing of food too, speech or your eyes movement. The pain of the patient can be understood through these movements as he can’t able to perform any action without pain. The Alexia stem therapy has proved to be a boon to these patients and has benefitted them in a great amount.

Human Brain has a region that controls all their muscle contraction and called as the cerebellumataxia stem cell therapy, ataxia treatment, stem cell therapy, ataxia stem cell, treatment for ataxia,is said to affect the same region. The Ataxia can be caused by various conditions like tumor development, multiple sclerosis, stroke etc. If you have any issue with your heredity or genes that can also cause Ataxia.

In various stem cell therapies, we also have another one that is called as Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy which can cause the improvement in the balancing your body, speech, swallowing. Mental alertness, motor functions etc.

What are these Stem Cells?

Stem cells are commonly known as “Shape Shifter”. These cells are recognized through their ability to change into specialized cells. They are also the center of a research and a medicine known as regenerative medicine. The stems cells can change themselves into the neurons, muscles, cartilage, bones and other different specialized cells too.

The interesting part of the stem cells is they can prevent you from many diseases, including Ataxia, Diabetes, MS, Co and much more.

Stem cell therapy is one of the therapies that can help you to introduce a new kind of stem cells by replacing the damaged cells. This strategy helps them in treating any injury or disease which they specialize. According to the specialists, the stem cells have the ability to cure and take the humans out of any suffering due to infections and injuries.

The inherent quality of stem cells and their abilities like to renew themselves and give rise to their new generations depending upon the diseases they are healing in the human body. Makes them capable of improving the damaged parts of the body and decreases the chances of side effects too.

How we can help you out in providing assistance with the stem cell therapy:

We are working in this industry for many decades and has focused on not only providing various treatment protocols, but also included other rehabilitation programs with them as well. As these programs are well researched and have been diagnosed with abnormal neurological, muscular conditions and auto-immune diseases too.

We do not believe in relying on offering a treatment duration that is quite small and does not have any rehabilitation therapy attached to. We have in our comprehensive approach to unlocking the regenerative potential of respective stem cells so that we can guide them for a bright future. Our specialists derive the cell treatment protocols and are said to remain with up for the next 40 to 16 days and the duration depends upon the treatment prescribed by our specialists and on the critical condition of the patient.

Why it is a combination of the stem cell therapy with other therapies:

Like all other cells, the stem cells need a proper and adequate environment for its survival I the domain. If you are looking forward to a regenerative action then you should look for the best possible environment for them. All of the body cells require nutrients and Oxygen to develop and exert their function and so the stem cells.

BY taking these conditions in practice, we build a particular treatment protocol for every patient that consists of the combination of stem cells and the other therapies so that the stem cells can be stimulated. We perform proper medical inspection of the patient and suggest them with stem cell therapy with the combination of others like physiotherapy (PT), cupping therapy, acupressure, neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), Aquatherapy, occupational therapy (OT), acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), nerve growth factors (NGF), epidural stimulation, moxibustion, plant fumigation, bee venom therapy, nutrition repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), and more.

Different cell therapies for every patient:

Ataxia in its severe form can cause various complications that we need to care while treating our patients for the same. These stem cell therapy for the disease are different for every kind of Ataxia. But while dealing with the same do not look for the embryonic stem cells. As they have a regenerative potential but can alleviate the condition of cancer/ tumor formation. And here we do not look for any compromisation in the safety condition of the patients and our therapies are used in more than 2500 patients and didn’t receive any back results till now.

The stem cells which we use in treatments come from two different sources: umbilical cord blood and tissues. Depending upon the patient’s medical condition, we provide our clients with the Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells.

Stem cells have great potential for treating Ataxia. But before moving forward with them, we should know that there are no shortcuts. Before using Stem cell therapy on patients we need to safeguard their interests as well. And that is why we only use the therapies that are proven in the laboratory already.

The duration for which an Ataxia patient is treated with stem cell therapy can be decided on prior manner. Rather, they need to wait for us to make the treatment protocol for them, which will be a researched document and will include all the credentials that are required for their treatment. So do look for the customized medical conditions when you visit us and we are sure that we will be able to provide the same in the short duration of time.

Treatment Program For Ataxia Stem Cell Therapy:

Treatment Period: 3-4 weeks program

(options of 100,000,000* or 200,000,000** MSCs) Juvenile purified cells

– Comprehensive blood test

  • 4 x IV infusion sessions of cells (20,000,000* or 40,000,000**)
  • 4 x Intra-nasal sessions of cells (2,5000,000* or 5,000,000** per session)
  • 2 x local injections of cells / PRP (10,000,000* or 20,000,000**)
  • 16 x tissue injection / intra-nasal sessions of GcMAF
  • Daily medical IV laser + Oxyven therapy (5 days a week)
  • Daily tissue medical laser (5 days a week)
  • Twice weekly IV nutrition – pure curcumin
  • 30 x general repair peptide complex injections (daily)
  • 30 x MS therapeutic human Enzyme injectable (daily)

– 12 x condition specific peptides

Follow up advised at month 4-6 period

Ataxia Stem Cell Therapy Option 1: 100,000,000 MSC = $35,000 USD

Ataxia Stem Cell Therapy Option 2: 200,000,000 MSC = $55,500 USD

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The Twenty First Century is witnessing a Revolution in Molecular &  Cellular Medicine  – Molecular medicine and cell energising treatments, combined with the ever growing understanding of stem cells in the role of healing; is proving not only an efficient tool in healing & repair of our bodies, but also an exciting area of Biotechnology growth.


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