Stem Cells for COPD Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy and Its Application In Future
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Stem cells are class of undifferentiated cells that are separated into specialized cell types. Usually they originate from two main sources: embryos formed during the blastocyst phase of embryological development (embryonic stem cells) and adult tissue (adult stem cell). November 6, 1998 — a team at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, led by James Thomson and Jeffrey Jones, reports the creation of the first batch of human embryonic stem cells, which they derived from early embryos.

How they work?

Stem cell transplants use adult stem cells or umbilical cord blood. The process of collecting for transplant depends on the source can be collected from bone marrow. Cell therapies would use these or they are grown from these cells, to replace or rejuvenate damaged tissue. Scientists also want to use these to understand disease and find drugs that might treat it. Embryonic stem cells could be used to make more specialized tissues that have been lost to disease and injury.

This type of treatment could be used to: replace neurons damaged by spinal cord injury, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or other neurological problems; produce insulin that could treat people with diabetes and heart muscle cells that could repair damage after a heart attack.


COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is very commonly witnessed in daily life because of various factors like unhealthy lifestyle, air pollution and of course, smoking.
A cough which won’t go away, often coughing up mucus, being short of breathe, especially when performing a physical task, tightness of the chest, disrupted sleep pattern, continued decline in energy- these are some of the symptoms of COPD.

Many people with COPD have attacks called exacerbations. This is when your usual symptoms quickly get worse and stay worse. A COPD flare-up can be dangerous, and continue to worsen with increased levels of damage to the lung tissues.The cell, by homing to the damaged area will fuse with the damaged tissue by the process of engraftment and become the same tissue by displaying the property of plasticity.

Stem cell procedures for additional joints treated at the same time cost $1,500to $2,500 each. Stem cells for copd treatment – procedure using fat or bone marrow starts at $5,000for the first joint. Two stem cells using premier procedure using both fat and bone marrow cells start at 6,500 for the first joint. It is heartening to see medical science make such advancements and technology bear the greatest fruit: saving mankind.


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