The Story of A Stem Cell Patient’s Treatment


Patient’s name: Mr. Michael

Issues: Blood sugar problems, mobility problems, paralysis

(Mr. Michael’s wife shares her husband’s journey as a stem cell patient and the recovery achieved with Stem Cells 21.)

Having Type 2 diabetes for 16 years, my 76 years old husband experienced a cluster of strokes over a period of 48 hours. The facilities in Australia are more about oral medications, which doesn’t really help in treating the strokes and diabetes successfully. Also, the side effects were really extreme to handle. Being a businessman and running several businesses, neither he nor I realized his illness. So, it was a shock for us to find out about his illness.

That shock of his illness and the unavailability of the resources in Australia, we started looking for alternative therapies. We looked into the available stem cell treatment in China, but then, decided to have a look at Germany as well. However, we never got the satisfaction of reliable support. After the completion of the initial transfer, the treatments went flat and started shaking our faith in them. The doctors were not focusing on the treatment. They looked more interested in the financial rewards they were getting from us. And after having such feeling for a few months, we were not at all ready to tolerate that anymore!

Thankfully, we found Stem Cell’s 21 online and immediately made the initial contact to understand the treatments and procedure. With the complete assistance, my husband got an adipose stem cell harvest. Then, several different stem cell courses were leveraged for the treatment and the supportive therapies help in his recovery. The laser shower further enhanced the pace of his improvement after the initial surgery. Along with the treatments, Michael was given Myer cocktail infusions of the Vitamin B group. This allowed him to attain the necessary energy in his body.

Now, his medication has halved and the HBA1C is 7.1, which was 9.5. The small amount of insulin is necessary, but he is free from the oral medications and dreaded metformin. I can see the steady growth in the initial results. Experts told me that the progress of the patient depends on the lifestyle and the biochemistry of the patient. In that case, we were lucky. Michael’s strokes were not physically debilitating. However, his mental condition became a big concern. But now, he has recovered a lot and works with a steady pace and has again become the driving force of productiveness in his office.

With the reliable team of professionals at Stem Cells 21, helps you out in every manner. They ensure the safety and organized approach towards the successful result.



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