Stem Cells Therapy for Parkinson’s

Experts of Stem Cells Therapy to Treat Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease attacks the movement of various parts of the body. This happens due to the failure of the dopamine neurons. The nerve cells get damaged, which stops the muscles from getting enough dopamine for the smooth movement.

parkinson's disease stem cell therapy

The stem cells therapy for Parkinson’s proves to be a reliable choice to generate new dopamine neurons. The stem cells help the body to regain its movement and the ability of complete various muscle related tasks. However, the success rate of the therapy depends on the expertise of the professionals.

At StemCells21, we have been providing successful results for a long time now. Our patients have reported to experience improvements after a few months of receiving the treatment. However, in some cases, it takes about six months as well. Our expert treatment helps the patients to get rid of both the primary as well as the secondary motor symptoms of the disease.

Benefits of getting the treatment for Parkinson’s

Various complications go away with our stem cell treatment for the Parkinson’s. Here are some of the major issues that we can help you fight:

  • The shaking movement of the hand and foot goes away.
  • You get improvements in the slow movement problems. This helps in daily life functions such as cutting food, buttoning a shirt, talking and other muscle associated functions.
  • Secondary problems such as the speech issues, swallowing, sexual issues and others get treated as well.
  • In many cases, the treatment also helps in improving the non-motor symptoms as well. The problems such as weight loss, weight gain, dental, fatigue and others get better with the advanced treatment of stem cells.

Our Parkinson’s disease stem cell therapies

At StemCells21, you get two options under the treatment therapy choices of Parkinson’s. We have both Adipose SVF Stem Cell Therapy as well as the Juvenile Stem Cell Therapy available in our clinic. The former one takes about 12 months, during which, the therapy is given every month. On the other hand, the Juvenile stem cell therapy is provided only three times within the time period of 12 months.

Receiving the therapy from our experts allows the patients to attain a sense of security and safety. We ensure a positive and comfortable environment, which helps the patients to improve faster.

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