Offering Advanced Spinal Cord Injury Treatment with Stem Cells

As a result of any traumatic injury to the spinal cord, the SCI cases appear. The injury doesn’t allow normal movements. The movement disruption depends on the injury in the spine discs, fragmentation of the spinal cord tissue and also on the damage occurred in the ligaments. The nerve cells get destroyed and also the axons can get affected. Now, these injuries in the spinal cord can lead to complete paralysis sometimes. However, in other cases, the patients recover from it.


If the cervical vertebra gets injured, it leads to the paralysis. And if the injury happens to the lumbar vertebra, then, the person can lose hip function and also the functioning in the legs, bladder, bowel habits and also sexual functions.

Symptoms of spinal cord injury

There are the following visible symptoms of spinal cord injury:


  • Unconsciousness
  • Loss of control over various body organs
  • Headache
  • Paralysis
  • Incapable of moving arms and legs
  • Extreme pain and stiffness in the neck region
  • Pain in moving head
  • Loss of control over bowel and bladder

Treatment of spinal cord injury with stem cell therapy

With the ability to stimulate neurogenesis, stem cells become a versatile help in spinal cord injury. Stem cells have the property of regeneration, which helps the affected brain matrix area and spinal cord. The repair capability of the symptoms allows stem cells to restore the lost or impaired neuron network. Along with that, they are also capable of creating new neuron networks, which further increases the brain reactions. The synaptic transmission gets improved and the new neuronal network gets established. The whole endogenous repair process gets help from the multiple paracrine factors and interleukins secreted by stem cells.

The mesenchymal stem cells provide angiogenic factors, stem cell homing factors, growth factors, and cytokines. With the delivery of the molecules, these stem cells offer paracrine effects too.
Following are the performance traits of mesenchymal stem cells:
(1) Helps in the reduction of inflammation, scarring and also eliminates the cellular debris.
(2) Perform the immune modulation
(3) Protects neurons
(4) Completes angiogenesis by ensuring more blood supply.
(5) Promotes the regeneration of local stem cells.
(6) Helps in healing wounds.
(7) Creates a cell-based electrical relay, which allows the neurons above and below the injury to ameliorate clinical deterioration.

Supportive therapies we provide

By combining the Anti CD2 human clonal antibodies and Anti-cytokines monoclonal antibodies, we create injections. Now, this helps to reduce the inflammation, axonal degeneration and also in the prevention of demyelination. Along with that, the lysis functions of leukocyte cells get enhanced as well.
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Other supportive therapies we have


  • Spinal laser therapy
  • IV laser therapy
  • IV Oxygen
  • Shock Wave Therapy
  • Peptides injections
  • Physiotherapy
  • Enzymes & Nutrition



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