Anti-Aging Stem Cell Treatment

Say No to Aging with Stem Cell Treatment

As we age, our cells functioning gets damaged. So, the ability of new cell formation reduces to a great extent, which makes us look old. This decrease in the number of regenerative cells can be controlled by adding new stem cells. The young stem cells have the capacity to reverse the aging process. However, the assistance of professionals in the treatments is extremely important.

With our expertise in the anti aging stem cell treatment, Stemcells21 becomes your best bet in getting the reliable and effective treatments. We can treat age related issues with the help your own stem cells as well as donor’s stem cells. We have cells available from the donors in order to help the patients who can’t go through the mini-liposuction.

Qualified professionals take care of the treatment procedure

Our clinic has some of the most experienced and skilled professionals to assist. These qualified experts provide their care and help in offering you the confidence. Complete care is ensured during each and every step of the stem cell treatment for anti aging. This way, you never feel unattended or unsatisfied with the facilities and the assistance.

stem cell anti-aging

Stem Cell Anti-aging Treatment

Aging results from the progressive depletion of regenerative cells, so the introduction of new Stem Cells has the potential of slowing down or reversing this process.

We bring out the best in you

With the help of anti-aging stem cells, we treat you to get the best side of yourself. The skin appearance and the health of the cells improve, which provides a number of benefits. 

1. Improved physical health

Our successful treatments resolve the physical problems such as the pain in your neck, arms, and legs. Also, the stiffness in the joints get reduced and you don’t feel tired all the time.

2. Makes you look younger

A great difference appears in the facial skin and the hair thickness. The skin of your body gets tighter, which reduces the wrinkles. As a result, you look incredibly younger.

3. You start feeling more confident

The positive visible changes in your body help you gain your confidence back. You feel mentally and emotionally boosted, which allows you to present yourself confidently. After the treatment, you attain higher energy levels. This energy brings out the brightest side of yours in front of the world. As a result, you start leading a strong and high-quality life.

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Decline in Regenerative cell production with age:

Decline in cell production with age as we age, however, the bone marrow releases fewer cells, giving us less power to repair the damage of ageing. Treatment with stem cells in our anti-aging cell therapy program can benefit this process.

In healthy individuals, skin youthfulness is maintained by epidermal cells which self-renew and generate daughter cells that become new skin. Despite accumulation of aging blemishes and changes in aged skin, epidermal regenerative cells are maintained at normal levels throughout life. Therefore, skin ageing is caused by impaired regenerative cell mobilization from the bone marrow or reduced number of regenerative cells able to respond to repair signals.

This means that, if we increase the number of circulating regenerative cells, by mobilizing from the bone marrow, and by infusion of additional regenerative cells we should dramatically change this cell behavior.

It has been postulated that Stem Cell exhaustion from the bone marrow is partly responsible for the process of cardiovascular ageing and the resulting diseases such as angina, heart attack, stroke and senile dementia. It has now been proven that cell damage in the bone marrow, from aging, is responsible for coronary artery disease and resultant cardiac muscle damage. This means that cardiac disease can be prevented by regenerative cell therapy.

The most powerful solution: Anti-aging Cell Therapy

According to the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, regenerative cells appear to be our most powerful tool in Regenerative Medicine at this time. Previous dogma concerning adult regenerative cells taught that our tissues did not have regenerative cells and the cells present at birth just declined in quantity and quality until there was nothing left. It was also believed that hematopoietic regenerative cells lacked plasticity and could not transform to other tissues.

Current medical literature proves that adult regenerative cells exist in most tissues including brain, heart, muscles and liver and adult regenerative cells have plasticity to potentially transform and repair all tissues and organs.

Current literature also shows that giving stem cells to an age-damaged bone marrow stem cell population can result in rejuvenation, and the increase in longevity of that stem cell source. (1) 
Reference: 1. Ignacio Flores, Roberta Benetti and Maria A Blasco. Telomerase regulation and regenerative cell behaviour. Current Opinion in Cell Biology 2006, 18:254–260.


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