Stem Cell Facial

Get Vibrant and Glowing Skin with Stem Cell Facial

Facial Using Stem Cell

Stem cells are repairmen which help in replenishing and renewing cells. The youthfulness and charm of skin in individuals is maintained by constant self renewal of epidermal cells. The renewal process produces new skin and let go off the dead skin. With age, we are prone to marks, spots and blemished but despite all, epidermal cells maintain their normal level. However, with time the regenerative ability of the cell reduces. Due to movement of impaired regenerative cells from bone marrow or inability of the cells to identify repair signals, skin ageing takes place. However, skin aging can be reduced largely by periodic stem cell facial which renew and rejuvenate skin to give younger looking face.

Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging Anti-aging Cell Therapy

stem cell facial

The anti-aging facial therapy mostly involves use of stem cell and most of the people are highly satisfied with glowing facial skin few weeks after the therapy. The stem cell injection used as facial therapy replenishes the skin and improves texture, colour and makes your skin visibly glowing. It gives you a younger looking skin with high production of fibroblast and collagen that tightens the skin.

The stem cell therapy is perfect even for improving colour, reduce spots & pigmentation, enhance elasticity and restores bruises and marks. It helps in converting grey hair into original colour and is able to even fill the bald space.

stem cell facial

Why it works?

With age, our skin tends to get dull and there is appearance of spots, darkness and pigments. On taking a stem cell facial, there are proteins released from the cells which restores damage and helps in healing. It also helps in treating chronic skin disease and reduces sun damage, helps in getting rid of wrinkles and redness. The stem cell injected replenishes the skin, regenerate cell and repair cell damage that is caused by sun. The therapy also increases the production of collagen and stimulates which tightens tone and increases the skin firmness. It is the quickest and most effective way to get visibly brighter, fairer and younger skin.

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