Rejuvenate and Heal Faster with Stem Cell Injection Therapy

Stem cells have many regenerative benefits and act as repairmen during injuries. At times, our body takes time to heal an injury and it can be taken care by increasing the concentration of body’s own repair cells. This kind of healing is done by injection of stem cells which is a productive treatment for multiple ailments as well as used in cosmetic purposes. The medical condition is judged and according to the results of the condition, different type of stem cell therapy is given post consultation. The therapy involves administering combination of injections in various places. One of the prominent examples can be seen in treatment related to Knee Osteoarthritis that combines IV infusions along with stem cell injection into knee joint intra-articularly.

Various Injection Types for Recovery:-


stem cell injections

Stem Cell Injection locally – In this case, the regenerative stem cell is administered locally only at the specific area of pain which helps in quick recovery.


stem cell injections


IV Infusion – The stem cell in directly administered into the patient.



stem cell injections knees

Stem Cell Injection at Joints – This is a special process where the stem cell is injected into target joints which enhances movement, eliminates pain and helps in tissue regeneration.



Every patient has different requirement of stem cell injection and upon consultation, a special stem cell treatment program is developed considering the patient. The program will have information on administering process and selected routes and the patient will be gives information pack that give details of treatment, administering process, amount of stem cell injected and how effective it will be.

 In case of anti-aging treatment

It includes a 7 day program which involves 4 stem cell therapy sessions along with supportive therapy. The route of injection includes 2 IV infusions along with two injections for dermal muscular or joint. In the anti-aging treatment, supportive therapies include peptide therapy, IV laser or oxygen, hormone therapy and proper nutrition intake.

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