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Stem Cell Patients Testimonials – Real Reviews


Blood sugar problems, mobility problems, paralysis

Stem Cell Patient: Mr. Michael (written by his wife)

Hello everyone, I am here to state about the plight of my 76 years old husband. We are an Australian resident and my husband is a businessman and was having type 2 diabetes for last 16 years. We were under the impression that we are helping out Michael with bets of the treatment. But in the later stage found out that he wants to treat properly because the medications that were given to him were basically are for strokes and were for standard oral medication that was a major flaw.

We didn’t find any right doctor in Australia to help them, then we considered to take him to China and later to Germany. The stem cell treatment is one of the best in these places. But once we visited the countries and look for the doctors to start the treatment for my dear husband as he was very much in pain. The doctors were not at all interested in giving him the right medication rather they were bent towards the financial rewards. The situation was extremely bad for us as our hopes were getting drained with every passing day.

We started taking baby steps through various sources to get the stem cells. For our good luck, we found stem cells 21 through the internet only and Michael went to adipose stem cell program at the initial level of harvesting the stem cells. The recovery in the starting was quite quick and gets improved with laser shower. For keeping up the energy we arranged Myer Infusion (Vitamin B) for him.

But his HBA1C was found to be on a lower side as it has become 7.1 from 9.5. His medications were slowly halved and he just takes a small amount of insulin as compared to his previous days. He is no longer on the oral medications and dreaded metformin. But the performance cannot be generalized as it depends upon the lifestyle, individual and the biochemistry of the person. But in all the case it was safe and resulted in an effective treatment for my husband. Once he was so much mentally debilitated that we restrain him to visit an office. After treatment he gained confidence and started visiting an office and contributing to the day to day activities so that he feels that he is normal now.

If we need to review stem cells 21 then we would like to state they are quite professional in their approach and try to keep everything in place to make their patient at ease. Their methods are effective and result oriented. They came as an answer to our prayers and helped us out from a tough situation. Paul, the key person in the team is ready to help you at any hour with his signature medical practices and will definitely make you feel that you are at the right place now.



Bell’s palsy, Facial Nerve Paralysis

Stem Cell Patient: Dr. Sandra Derringer, USA

Getting infected with such a dangerous disease is undoubted feels scary and once you need to leave your birth country for the medication is a pain for the family members. Relying on the strangers for the treatment can result in perfection at times while if you choose a faulty agency then there is no escape.
If I talk about one of my experiences in Intellihealth then it was out of the box as I was explained everything before leaving my country too. The team was encouraging and professional in their approach. The facility and housekeeping staff was quite helpful in making the procedure smooth and the rooms were clean to live in. If you are looking forward to stem cell procedure, then Intellihealth can be your resort. As they know your pain and the procedure to subsidize it down. They will provide you handheld facility so that you do not leave from here with any of the reasons.

Everyone is well educated and experts in their field.

Sandra Derringer


Traumatic Paraplegia with Cord Contusion with Quadriparesis

Stem Cell Patient: Mohd. Tauseef, India

Last resort for the stem cell treatment and the hospitality is out of the world.
As now my husband had read all that Stem Cell treatment could help with, he also wanted to go over and have the treatment done for his Diabetes and fatigue and lack of B12.  Since his treatment his Diabetes has come down immensely, he has more energy, B12 is fine! 

Thanks for helping me out!


Traumatic Knee Injury, Osteoarthritis

Stem Cell Patient: Bishop Nathan, Australia

Once I made my entry to the place I found that the staff was quite helpful and quite professional too. I and my family like to thank Intellihealth for their best services and the kind of experience we have here will surely like to recommend others too.


Knee Problem

Stem Cell Patient: Kerry

Years before I tried anthroscopy for my left knee. Due to the torn cartilage I used to have continuous pain in my knees. But Anthroscopy also couldn’t able to help me out with the pain.
Recently I decided to have an X-Ray and CT Scan for my right hip and knees. Knees were alright as they were bone to bone but the hip was seen as slightly lipping forward. And this was actually the reason why I was limping forward. The pain was continuous but I could able to subsidize it through various anti-inflammatory drugs. I know it can be harmful at times, but there was no option left.

Then I researched at the same and found the Adipose stem cell program to be quite effective. When I arrived at Intelliheath then they recommend rest for some days. Once I become acquainted with the whole area before the treatment started. It was really nice being here and enjoying the hospital of the place. The guards are everywhere to greet you while you enter and exit. We went to the second floor on the first day of the treatment and were greeted by Faith she introduced us to the doctors and to the other staff members. The staffs were friendly and clean.

Stem Cell Injection for Knee and Hip

Without passing anytime I was given my first batch of stem cells. Once they were administered, the Oxygen started and which was followed by laser therapy. The needles were going into my system one after the other, but I was not in pain.

Finally, the time arrived when I was given the injections in my hip and knees. The respective orthopedic doctor was monitoring everything. As I explain the whole procedure you must be thinking about the pain, but I would like to state here that I was at ease as the needles were very fine and it has been just a sensation like someone is pinching me. The doctors do not leave you all. At any point in time, there is always a nurse to attend you. You are always guided that what treatment is coming over the next to you. So, you are never in darkness.


Breast Augmentation


It is scary that if you need to travel to a foreign land for medical procedures. Yeah, But I need to, there were two surgeries that were scheduled on a short notice from each other. I got the reference of Intellihealth and started travelling due to the response and the professionalism in the approach shown by the coordinators. They accompanied me throughout the procedure and because of the same I never felt alone throughout the time. The equipment used in the treatment was quite new and the facility was fully immaculate. The patient rooms at the facility can be compared with hotel rooms and the comfort level was high. The doctors, staffs all were looking for the patients and to keep their best interest vested. The doctors helped me in smooth recovery. The procedure went well. For proper care, a nurse was there at any hour in the night. She was quite attentive in taking care of my every need at the proper time. There were other nurses who keep on visiting in an hour’s time to make my visit to the place enjoyable. And I will recommend my fellow friends at any place in the world to visit Intellihealth for their cure and I am pretty sure that you will love the time you spent here for medication.

Once you visit the Stem cell 21, you will love the staff and the team that will help you in carrying your procedures here. Their vast experiences with the patients all around the world makes them equipped and help them in taking care of you in all possible ways. They can have different language, but they do know how to take care of you. So do visit to ease your pain and help yourself.

Intellihealth+ Testimonials

Donna Collard rated 5*

Botox treatment at Bangkok gets on my last nerve when I give a thought by reading the positive reviews to this place. Once I entered the place a nurse greeted me with a smile and explained all about the Botox. She gives me a quick tour of the center. The doctors can help you with their clear communication in English, so no more glitches you will face with the language issue here. The Thailand has this wonderful institution where everyone is smiling. I knew from the very first day what I was given and used on me. Nabota is used in good quantities to treat patients. The hospitality and the treatment here will definitely pull me to pay a visit on my next trip to Bangkok.

Tammy Sloan rated 5*

Are you cared of pain like me? Then this is your last resort. As the nurses are quite friendly to ease your pain and doctors are cooperating to help you out with their brilliant services.

Coco Latte rated 4*

We had just one laser treatment as of now and I can find a difference in my face. The swelling and bruising is already gone. The treatment that will follow in the next few days will definitely make a difference. The institute has a professional staff and they believe in the patient’s interest only. The surgeries price is nominal so you will not have a cut on your pocket too.

Ashlee Clark rated 5*

This is one of the best institutes I have ever been all my life. My experience in Australia was a bit different and the housekeeping staffs are quite good here to help you at times. Laser showers can work wonders in making a difference to your face. One of my cousins couldn’t believe that all the swelling is gone from my face. Price is reasonable. I wish luck to all the staff at Intellihealth, highly recommended.

COPD Stem Cell Therapy


Knee Injury and Hands

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