Stem Cell Tinnitus Treatment

Treat Tinnitus with Help of Stem Cell Injection

Tinnitus is a clinical condition that makes you hear noise or is a constant feeling of ringing in ears. The sound awareness is not from external source but something like whistle, ring, buzz etc that a patient can constantly. It is caused to many people and is caused due to various reasons like hearing loss, head or ear injury or infection, exposure to loud noise or disorder of circulatory system. The neurons in auditory cortex are unable to receive signal and hence they react to create the sound. The stem cell treatment is a very effective treatment for treating Tinnitus.

Treatment of Tinnitus with Stem Cells :  According to medical research, it is found the tinnitus or sound intolerance also called as hyperacusis is a result of impaired connection between external sounds and the perception of the sound by central nervous system. The signal transmitted from cochlea to brain where it is processed in auditory cortex is changed which prevents brain from getting the signal. These things may result in damaging hair cell in the cochlea induced by noise causing tinnitus or it might also obstruct sound signal that is carried from ear to central nervous system.

Stem cell injection has turned out to be one of the effective treatment in treating the disorder and help in normal functions by reducing or eliminating the condition. The stem cell therapy helps in connecting the ear to brain in better way and can adjust the increased stem cell gain in the brain. It also helps in reducing hyperacusis symptoms.

stem cell tinnitus treatment

The Tinnitus Stem Cell treatment lasts for around 7 days with follow up of 3 days recommended every 3 months and 9 – 12 months.

Types of injections generally performed: Tinnitus Stem Cell Treatment

stem cell injections


Iv Infusion: Cell therapy is given into the blood stream of patient


stem cell injections


Local stem cell injections: injected to tissue at selected target areas around the ears.





Inner Ear Injections: Depending on the specifics of the case being treated inner and/or middle ear injections will be performed.



Different Stem Cell Injection Types

  • IV Infusion – It is a therapy where stem cells are administered directly into patient’s blood stream
  • Stem Cell Injection Locally – The stem cells are injected in this case at specific affected areas around ears.
  • Stem Cell Injection inside Ear – The case is first studied and accordingly, stem cell is injected in inner or middle ear.

A special program is designed for each patient depending on the problem which makes it important to schedule a consultation first. A complete information pack is provided to patient that has details of type of therapy, mode of injection, amount of stem cell injected and treatment advice.

The standard treatment procedure for Tinnitus with stem cell injection includes 7 day treatment program with 4 stem cell therapy session and supportive therapy session. The supportive therapy include peptide therapy, hormone therapy, nutrition course etc an mostly include 2 IV infusion and 2 ear injection sets.


Example treatment plan for Tinnitus:

7 day treatment program: 4 sessions of stem cell therapy + supportive therapy

Injection routes: 2 IV infusions & 2 sets of Ear injections

Supportive therapies: IV laser, IV oxygen, peptide therapy, hormone therapy and nutrition course

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