Stem Cell Treatments

Available for a range of medical conditions and for anti-aging. Our key treatments listed below are generally performed over 7 days @ our facility in Bangkok, Thailand.

Most conditions even if not listed below can have some benefit from our stem cell treatments and regenerative medicine. Contact us with details of your condition and our medical team will advise you on possible options.

stem cell therapies

Anti-aging Treatmentstem cell treatments

stem cell therapies

Alzheimer’s Disease

stem cell therapies

Autism & Developmental Disorders

stem cell therapiesCOPD & Lung Disease

stem cell therapies

Diabetes Treatment

stem cell therapiesHeart Disease Treatment

stem cell therapies

Macular Degeneration (AMD)

stem cell therapies

Multiple Sclerosis (MS and ALS) 

stem cell therapies

Osteoarthritis & Joint Disease

stem cell therapies

Other Degenerative Disease

stem cell therapies

Cancer Immunotherapy

At our medical center in Bangkok, Thailand: IntelliHealth+ we offer a range of stem cell treatment to treat various medical conditions and for general health & anti-aging. The stem cell treatments we perform as proven safe and hold therapeutic benefit.

Our experience with stem cell treatments: We have been treating patients with stem cell therapy for just under 10 years with patient numbers treated with our stem cell treatments exceeding 4000. This experience and understanding of stem cell therapy allows us to deliver comprehensive stem cell treatments with supporti ve therapies to suite the needs of the individual patient.

Stem cell treatments: about your stay with us – our stem cell clinic Bangkok, Thailand is a modern state-of-the-art medical center with luxury finishing. Patients will experience vip services in beautiful private treatment suites, with personal nursing and concierge service. Our medical facility is set in the grounds of a new 5* hotel and residence complex in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. This perfect set up allows patients to have a relaxed and convenient element to their stay with us.

Stem cells 21 offer various  promotions for our stem cell treatments, these promotions can include:

  • Couples booking 10% discount
  • 12 months program discounts
  • Returning patient membership discounts
  • Family and friends 10% discount

Be sure to contact our staff and find out what promotion you can get for our stem cell treatments.

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