Get Alluring Results after Undergoing Stroke Stem Cell Treatment

In order to carry on with the task in a smooth manner, the brain requires continuous supply of oxygen along with glucose from bloodstream. Otherwise there are higher chances that you may become prey to stroke or CVA. The flow of blood can be easily compromised through a wide variety of mechanisms. The availability of the Stem Cell Therapy Stroke Recovery in Bangkok has really proved to be a blessing in disguise.

As per experts, narrowing of arteries may contribute in hindering flowing of blood thus leading towards high probability of lacunar stroke. Among four blood vessels that are responsible for supplying of blood to the brain, even if one starts getting hardened the whole functionality may get hindered.

The anterior circulation of the brain that is responsible for some vital activities including motor activity and many more gets supply of blood through carotid arteries. On the other hand, the vertebrobasilar arteries are responsible for controlling of the posterior circulation. In case any of these arteries get clogged, then the whole functionality of the brain gets affected at the fullest.

Also, the chances of occurrence of strokes too get enhanced. There are instances where blood clots may also take place within the heart thus leading towards high level of stroke. In such a case, it is vital to opt for Stroke Stem Cell Treatment to prevent the situation from getting worsened.

Unlike present conventional treatments, the present stem cell treatment is targeted to solely repair the tissue of the brain by itself thus recovering functionalities. This particular form of treatment also focuses on the root of the existing problem along with symptoms in association with the same.

stroke stem cell treatment

Death of cell takes place after cells get injured. Stem cells comprise of the potential to stimulate the healing of these injured cells through proper secretion of cytokines to promote self repairing mechanisms. The extent of repair totally depends upon the overall health of the person concerned long with the total number of injections received.

In medical terms, stroke has been considered to be a highly fatal condition where there is hardly any supply of nutrient as well as blood to the brain. Patients that are unfortunate to become prey to such an unfavorable condition must undergo Stem Cell Stroke Treatment to get instant relief. Deprived supply of blood and sometime internal bleeding leads toward such a deprived health condition!

During stroke, there is hardly any flow of blood to the brain that finally results into death of brain cells. The clotting of blood leads towards blocking the pathway of flow of blood. As soon as brain cells die, the functionality of all body parts starts getting hampering. The results of stroke are very much fatal as the brain gets affected at the most.

Minor strokes finally results into minor issues that include pain in arms as well as legs. While, on the other hand major stroke results into the patient getting paralytic and sometimes death! Unhealthy lifestyle along with lack of proper diet and healthy diet finally leads towards formation of clot due to deposition of fatty tissue.

Symptoms of Stroke

Some vital symptoms of stroke include the following:


Hindrance in speaking and understanding

Getting stumbled while walking

Light headedness all of a sudden

Blur vision

Highly severe headache

Slurring at the time of speaking

High difficulty at the time of balancing the whole body

In case the condition is not treated at the proper time under expert surveillance, then the situation may get turned to something unexpected. Due to high advancement in medical techniques along with the introduction of Stem Cell Therapy treatment, the situation can be easily taken under due control.

stroke stem cell treatment, stem cells, stroke treatment,Stem Cells Stroke Treatment

Stem cells have been reported to hold application in Stroke. They comprise of the property of neurogensis that ultimately results into easy repair and curing of the issue. These cells along with enhancing flow of blood along with nutrient and oxygen to the brain, also contributes in replacing of damaged neurons along with stimulating formation of new arteries.

You will be astonished to see the high improvement that will take place.

Program Options Related to Stroke Treatment

The program of Stroke Treatment lasts for a maximum of 14 days. Some of the viable options include:

  • 2.0*10 8 purified Mesenchymal stem cells
  • 1.0*10 8 purified Mesenchymal stem cells
  • + Bioquark peptide
  • + CNS and Brain cell growth factors
  • + Enzyme + Nutriton course
  • + Neural Laser therapy
  • + Oxygen therapy
  • + Stem Cell stimulation Laser therapy
  • +Intranasal/LP/IV infusions

Fruitful Results after Stem Stroke Treatment

Some fruitful results after undergoing of Stem Stroke Treatment include the following:

  • Highly improved balance of body
  • Freeing body from headache
  • Improvement of Sensorimotor symptoms
  • Free from weakness and equilibrium issues
  • Smooth speech


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