Thailand Medical Tourism

Thailand Medical Tourism, along with its Asian neighbors Singapore’s and Malaysia’s medical tourism industry, accounts for 50% of Asia’s medical tourism market. Each year, over a million foreigners plan their medical travel to Thailand, if permitting along side some of the famous sight-seeing or relaxtion tourism aspects. On the tourism front, Thailand has been a popular destination for decades.
medical tourism thailand
Thailand medical tourism over recent years has gained a reputation as one of the highest quality medical tourism destinations. One of the key factors aside from the exceptional quality medical facilities is the hospitality of the Thai people. Thailand is know around the world as the ‘Land of Smiles’. Many of our patients comment on how the Thais treat them with the utmost respect and try to serve them the best way they can.

Some procedures will cost you less then the price it would take for similar medical procedures in the US, UK or Australia. As a standard of medical facilities, Thailand here boast the latest technology, and being equipped with language translators and exclusive international centers to cater to foreign patients. Many doctors and physicians in Thailand have medical certifications from the UK and US, and attend to patients with consummate professionalism and great care.

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Thailand Medical Tourism – Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is a sprawling metropolis known for its ornate shrines and vibrant street life. during the past 10 years of our company being in Bangkok we have seen a great positive change in the city. The development of the most fantastic medical facilities, city infrastructure and high level of improvements across the city make Bangkok one of the top contenders. in the medical tourism industry.


A video about our medical Facilities and Bangkok as a city perfect for medical tourism is available by clicking here:  Stem Cells 21 Thailand Medical Tourism Video


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