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Peptides can be defined as a chain of amino acids which are considered to be the fundamental building blocks of proteins, a vital component of our core organs, tissue, and skin.
Amino acids are organic compounds which form proteins. They are made of several essential elements like carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen. When a group of amino acids links together they form peptides; these amino acid chains can be either short or long.

As of now, more than seven thousands of natural peptides have been identified by researchers and scientists across, and synthetic peptides are also being processed across various laboratories around the globe. In recent years, these natural/synthetic compounds of amino acids have garnered an excellent popularity amongst healthcare, skin care, beauty circles, cosmetics, and research groups. Let´s discover more about peptides, and reveal how they can positively impact your skin.

What do peptides do for anti-aging skin care? Peptides are essentially fragments of proteins. They are made up of chains of amino acids and are considered to be the primary building blocks of skin. Without peptides, the skin (the largest organ in the human body) won’t remain youthful and intact. As a result, the skin may encounter some common issues such as the appearance of wrinkles, loss of firmness, dry skin, texture changes, and others.

Science has already proven that peptide chains can manage wrinkles on the skin and reverse the symptoms of aging. The skin looks brighter, healthier, firmer, and younger. Due to these properties, revolutionary peptide complex formulas are widely used in new generation anti-aging skin care products.

Now, let´s explore some of the most notable functions of peptides in the body:

1. Some specific peptide chains can boost the endocrine (hormonal) functions.

2. Peptide chains can even result in a metabolic performance enhancement as they communicate with the body and trigger the release of GH (Growth Hormones) into the bloodstream.

3. With an improved metabolic performance, peptides may indirectly help you build lean muscles & release stored fat.

Peptides really offer a plethora of benefits to both skin and body wellness. Perhaps, the most significant function of peptide complex lies within its unique anti-aging properties. Peptide complex reinforces and strengthens the pre-existing proteins of the body. The protein production process of our body naturally decreases due to various environmental factors and as we age through life. Peptides help you generate more proteins.

Our skin comprises 75% collagen protein, the foundation of skin. However, collagen production generally slows down with age. The decrease in collagen production will lead to visible signs of aging, such as the formation of wrinkles which makes your skin appear saggy, dull, and old.

Thus, collagen is an important component for ensuring firm, supple, and youthful skin. To get such flawless and faultless skin, your body needs more peptides as they can significantly boost collagen protein production.
Certain peptides can offer both, anti-aging and rejuvenating effects to the skin, including hydration, smoothing, and firming.

Peptides are an extremely potent and powerful anti-aging skin care ingredient. They enhance skin elasticity, increase hydration and diminish the appearance of wrinkles/fine lines on the skin.

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